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Related post: Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2002 20:25:57 -0800 (PST) From: Allan Jerison Subject: Religious FriendDisclaimer: This story contains scenes of consensual sex between males. If it bothers underage porno gallery you, or if such material is illegal in your location, leave this page now. This story is entirely fictional. Any resemblance with any real person or event is completely unintentional. This work is copyrighted by the author. Commercial use is prohibited without express written permission from the author. Religious Friend By: Allan Jerison Ten years ago, I had met a friend gay anime underage through my wife that I got along with very well. I was still pretending back then that I was not gay, and that I was not attracted to men. But the truth is that I was strongly attracted to Tony. Tony was shorter than me, about 5'10", 165 pounds, muscular and trim. He had the typical Italian dark hair, eyes, and skin coloring. He always looked hot, and was a very affectionate person. He liked to touch. I liked to let him. I wanted him to touch more, but I never tried anything with him. After nude underage pussie my wife and I divorced, he was one of the friends that took my side. However, since he lived 100 miles underage child lollitas away, I did not get to see him very often. He came up two or three times a year for a day or two's visit. I tried to get down to see him once or twice as occasion allowed. I had always wondered why he never dated or married. He underage sex incest was very good looking, and had a fun personality, was kind and loving to everyone - what woman would not want to date him? He was 4 years older than I was, as well. The only reason I did not think he was gay was because he was very religious. He talked about the Bible and Jesus all the time, and was always praying. To each his own. I was religious, myself, to some extent, and I could talk about religious topics with him intelligently. Time went on, and he came up to visit petite underage list over New Year's - getting to my place on the afternoon of New Year's Eve, and staying until the afternoon of the 3rd. My kids were visiting with me that weekend also, and we all had fun playing together. We played several games, we tumbled around on the floor, galleries underage boys and everyone had a good time. Tony and I drank quite a bit after the kids went to bed that first underage brazilian porn night, and I tried probing to see if there was any possibility of getting something on with him. Why not, since we were both getting toasted? I figured if I offended him, then I could always blame it on the booze and get away with it. After general chit chat and talking about some old times, I asked him about his girlfriend situation. He said that he had thought about dating a girl or two that he knew, but that he just never thought they would fit the bill. I told him that I thought women were psycho anyway. He agreed immediately. I jokingly told him that I underage ebony girl sometimes thought gay men were really the ones who were doing it right - they both had the sex drive of a man, they both thought alike, neither one was psycho, and if you found someone the same size as you there was an automatic doubling of your wardrobe. He laughed, but said nothing more about it. I lost my nerve and decided not to push things. When midnight struck, he came over to me for the obligatory young underage russians hug. Rather than hugging with dolls pussy underage one arm over the shoulder - as underage slut pics manly, straight men are supposed to by unspoken etiquette - I decided to give him a hug a little more intimately. While his arms went up and around my neck, I hugged around the middle of his back. I pulled him close and made sure to rub his crotch with my own. nude art underage I was immediately underage xxx site aroused. He said nothing, just smiled and then went outside to yell his underage blow job greetings in the street. As he got ready for bed, I brought him fresh towels and told him that he was welcome to shower in the kid's bathroom if he wanted, but that I recommended he use my bathroom instead. Sometimes he got up before me and took a shower, and I was hoping that this weekend would not be any different. I had planned on sleeping naked, then getting up for a underage porn galliers piss while he was showering. Hey, if nothing else, I would get a good look at his underage cp girls naked body and he would get a look at mine. He chatted about more things, and I got a little more bold. I took off underage asian blowjobs my underaged lesbian anal shirt underage 12 y.o. right there in front of underage boys cum him, unbuckled my belt, and unbuttoned my 501's - all while he was still looking at me and talking to me. I pretended there was nothing strange about this, and rubbed my arms, my chest, and even slipped a hand into my shorts to scratch my balls while we talked. It had the desired effect - he looked me over well, including the crotch. But he made no moves himself, and soon was saying his goodnights. I left his room and walked into my own - right across the hall - hoping he might underage perteen follow. As soon as I was in my room, I dropped my pants and striped out of my skivies. But when I turned around, he had shut his bedroom door. Damn. As fate would have it, I woke up first the next morning. The kids woke up next, and he took his shower underage college porn while I was getting the kids dressed. I figured there was no hope of a sexual encounter with him, and decided it was best not to ruin a good friendship by trying to force myself on him. Nevertheless, when I took my shower later on, I left my bedroom door and bathroom door open as an invitation. I then did as much getting ready as I could fully naked - shaving, brushing the teeth, combing the hair, trimming the nails - in the hopes that he might walk in asking underage tiny videos for something. It did not happen. The next day nothing happened, either. But I did notice that this time he left the bedroom underage asian tgp door open while he showered as well. I tried "accidentally" walking in on him, but the bathroom door was securely closed while he showered. Bummer. I resigned myself to the fact that there would be no loving on Tony. Even though I often dreamed of licking his hard cock, kissing his strong lips, running my fingers through his dark chest hair, sucking his cum off his six-pack abs, and fucking his tight hole underage rape stories with my own generous cock; asian underage I figured none of my fantasies would come true with this Adonis. That evening underage pussies pics was to be a big surprise to me. After the kids went to bed that night, we played some dominoes in the kitchen. "Hey, bud, I have a question." he asked. "Shoot", I replied. "How do you shave in your shower without a mirror and not get all cut up?" he asked. Apparently, he had seen my razor in the shower and assumed it was my face I shaved in there. "I shave my face in the bathroom sink using the big mirror. What I shave in the shower I don't need a mirror for," I answered, being a little mysterious. He looked at me quizically, unsure whether or not to ask what it was I did shave in there. I obviously did not shave my chest or legs. I looked up and met his gaze, and he decided to ask it after all, "Then what do you shave in there?" "I shave my cock and balls." I said, matter-of-factly. He flinched. I don't know if it was because I had said the underage video porn word "cock", or because my shaving it underage gothic porn was a revelation to him. But I felt I was just answering a question honestly. Why did I need to hide that from him? He brought it up, after all. "No way? Why?" he finally replied. "Because I think it bikini girls underage looks a lot more appealing, I like the feel of it shaved, and it is more sensitive without the hair," I answered. He looked horrified, so I decided to throw in another little known fact, "And lots of women seem to like them that way nowadays." I had dated young underaged hentai 2 women that had gone crazy for it when they had given me a blow-job. And I knew other guys who did the same thing for the same underaged porn underground reason. super underage pussy So I wasn't lying to him. There was an underage shaved pussy awkward silence, and he was still trying to picture it in his mind, I could tell, but having underage video teen difficulty with it. I decided to get a little more bold. "Do you want to see what it looks like?" He replied quicker than he meant to, I think, saying, "Sure, if you don't mind." "I don't have anything you don't have," I said. With that, we got up inocent underage girls and went into my bedroom. Once we were there, I took off my jeans and shirt, then dropped my shorts and stepped out of them. I figured if he questioned why I took everything off, I would just underage nymph tell him that I wanted him to get the full picture. He never asked, he just stared at my cock, which was under age porno starting to swell. My shaft and my balls were totally bare. The pubes above my member I did not shave, but kept closely trimmed - about 1/4 inch long. I thought it looked very appealing. Tony free movie underage could not keep his eyes off it. He never said a word about my having shed all my clothes, and finally spoke up, "What did you cunt underaged mean when you said you like the feel of it?" "Come feel it and see for yourself. I don't care. You won't know what I mean, otherwise." I said. He hesitated for just a moment, then stepped right up next to me. He put his hand out, but still did not know whether or not to touch me. Then I said, busty underaged girls "Feel how nice and smooth the balls are." He hesitated no longer, maloletak underage nude and started gently rubbing my nuts. God, it felt so good. My cock kept filling underage teen thongs with blood, and started standing up a little. I had to get him to touch me more. "Wow, that is silky smooth. I had no idea they felt like that under the hair." He said. "Yeah, see how nice they feel? The shaft also." I said. It had the desired effect - he let his hand slide up and run asian underaged cunts along my cock shaft. I was best underage porn in heaven - here was the God that I had fantasized about for 10 years feeling me up. I wanted it to go further, but underage gay teen was afraid to make another move without his approval. I knew that I would get fully erect in just a moment if I did nothing more, and I did not want to scare him off, now that I extreme underage pussy had gotten him this far down the road. So I started talking about him. "You should try it yourself. Lots of guys like keeping them this way." I said. "Really? How long have you done this?" he asked. "For about 4 years," I answered, truthfully. "I started back when I got my vasectomy. twink underage The ex loved it, so I kept it that way for her. Then I found that I just could not go back to hair. I love it this way. And like I said, it makes it a whole lot more sensitive." I gave him a seductive look, and he smiled. "I would underage 14yo nude not have any idea how to do it. I'd probably slice them off trying," he edmonton underage sex replied. I had to take the opening. "Let me show you how, then. I already know how to do it, and I can do it for you the first time - showing you so underage babies photos that you know how from now on." I hoped I did not sound too enthusiastic about the offer. "I don't know..." he said, shaking his head. "Oh, man, you gotta know how great this feels for yourself. As silky smooth as they feel to you touching mine, they don't compare to how fantastic they feel from the other side. You had to notice that it was turning me on when you were feeling mine," I said, "and that's because it feels so fantastic." He still hesitated, but was not turning me down cold. Finally, I said, "Look, the great thing about it is that if you don't like it shaved, the hair will all grow right back. You sexy young underage have latvian underage girls nothing to loose. Don't you think it looks nice without all that shaggy hair on it?" "It does look more appealing, and those smooth balls felt great from this end. What the heck." He said. I underage photo models didn't waste any more time. I led him into the bathroom and underage cum eating told underage horney teen him to take off his clothes. "Everything?" he asked. "Yeah," I said, "because you don't want to get all the hair in your other clothes. And I don't want you to have your hot underage bbs shirt dangling down so that you can't see how to do this yourself." "OK," he resigned. He took everything off. He looked so hot, naked in my bathroom underage bbs link - me naked right in front of him. I was underage japan nude glad I was going to be kneeling down, because the hard on was already coming up. I quickly grabbed my scissors and beard trimmer and kneeled down. He seemed really nervous at the sight of the scissors. I explained to him, "The first time you shave, underage young the hair has to be trimmed as closely as possible to the skin. Otherwise, the razor will just nude underage naturalist brush across the top of the hair and do nothing. Once it is closely trimmed, we will finish with the razor. God, underage latina teen it was so hot, kneeling down there with his cock right in front of my face. It took all my will power not to grab it and start sucking. But a plan had formed in my mind, so I put off the thoughts of his hot bod for a moment and started trimming his hair. I cut off large patches of his 38 year old growth, getting closer and closer to his prize cock as I went. Even the skin underage lesbian porno on his balls was dark, I was so jealous. I took plenty of time to trim the hair, using every opportunity to rub and caress him as underage japanese girl I did. I played with his balls, gently rubbed his cock as I moved it this way and that way, I even gently brushed his pereneum area with my fingertips as much as I could. Every time I took a more bold move, I would look up at his face. He was obviously loving it. I knew that there nude underaged teen would be some fun once we had finished baring his balls. Once I had the hair down to about 1/2 inch, I started with underage porno nude the trimmers. I got his balls shaved as close as I could, and ran it over his shaft as well. Then I asked him, "Do you want me to trim your pubes like mine are?" His head was rolled back, looking at the ceiling, though his eyes were obviously closed. He underage hairless boy seemed to really be enjoying this, and his cock was thickening up as well. He said, "Yeah, bud, do anything you want." I later found out that he desperately wanted me to suck his member for him, and that was his way of asking me to. But at the time, I just snickered about the comment, and then continued trimming. I trimmed everything below his belly button to the same length I kept it - about 1/4 inch. God, how nice it all looked. His 7 inch cock was now really hard, and starting to stand up. I think it embarrassed him a little. He looked down at me and said nervously, "Sorry about that, man, I..." underage handjob He did not know how to explain it. I said, "Hey, you'd have to not have nacked children underage any sex drive at all if you didn't get hard during this. Here I am feeling your cock, moving it this way and that. You'd have to be dead underage angels not to get a stiffy." He still looked nervous about it, so I stood up, revealing my own raging hard-on, and said, "See, I've got a raging hard on myself just doing it to you. It doesn't bother me. Actually, it will make this last underage girlspussy photo step much easier to have it hard." He finally seemed to relax, and as he did, his cock swelled impossibly bigger. My razor and soap were on the counter behind him. I said, "I just have to japanese forum underage get my razor here..." and then stepped right against him. It felt damn good to be rubbing my cock against his hard on, while reaching behind him for the razor. I was sure to take my time, and enjoy the feeling. He did not seem to mind, and started breathing a little harder. Finally, I smiled at him and said, "Sorry." He smiled back and said, "I can see what you mean about it being more sensitive. I could already feel how sensitive it is when you rubbed against me." "If you think it is sensitive now, just wait. Once you are done, I'll show you how sensitive it really will be." I intended to nubile underage asian show him in more ways than one. He was finally revealing more of himself as hot underage xxx he said, "I'm gonna stick you to that. I can't wait." With that, I knew I underaged asian pussy was going to get him that night. Once again, I took my time rubbing his cock and balls with some liquid soap. I was loving the chance to feel him up. He was loving the sexual massage, and throbbing by then. I explained more about what I was doing as I shaved his scrotum and shaft underaged kdz models completely. I even shaved up into his crack a bit, and he said nothing about it. He just spread his legs wider to let me in. I was sure to massage his anus with my finger, and he actually moaned when I did. Finally, the shaving was done, and I stood up. I again pressed against him as I reached past to wet a washcloth in the sink. We were both so hard by then that I thought my cock might split in two. This time, he put his arms around bbs naked underage my back and held me to his chest a bit, and sighed. As I slid back to my knees, I couldn't help myself, and licked his tit. As I wiped off the porn russian underage soap from his cock and balls with the warm washcloth, he started moaning some more. He said, "My God, that feels so good." I could wait no longer. I dropped the washcloth, and started licking his cock. He moaned louder and said, "Yes! Oh, God! Yes!" He ran his fingers through the hair on the back of my head as I started sucking harder and longer on his throbbing man meat. I dropped down and started licking his now silky smooth ball sack, and I thought he might cum just because of that alone. I wasn't going to let that happen. That first load was all mine - a reward for showing him the delights of shaving his genitals. I had gone 10 long years wanting this man. I had swallowed many cum loads of my own pretending they were his. I was going to have every drop underage pay porn of this next man load to savor for myself. I came nubile underage porn back up to the cock and took it all in - gagging a little as it hit the back of my throat. He lost all control and started to fuck my face. I let him. Then when he got pretteen underage nude really close, I pulled back to the tip, working his frenulum as hard as I could with my tongue, and started jacking him with my hand furiously. In less than a minute, he was screaming at the point underage boys sucking of no return. "AWWWWWWW!!! GOOOOOOOOD!!!! AWWWWWWWWWW!!! FUCK!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!" He grabbed the edge of the sink hard, arched his back, and started pumping shot after shot of hot, salty cum into my throat. "OHHHHHH!!!!!! OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! OHHHHHHHH!!!!!" he cried out as he filled me with sweet man juice. I got the impression that this was the first time he had gotten a real blow job. It was certainly the first time he had cum in someone else's mouth - much less another man's mouth. I swallowed every bit of what he gave me, and kept sucking every drop out of his delicious cock long after he stopped underage supermodels spurting on his own. I milked him completely dry, then kept massaging his balls as I stood up to look him in the eye. He was shaking, and quickly wrapped his underage pics free arms around me, pulling me close. He whispered in my ear, "No one has ever made me feel like that. God I've wanted to fuck you for so long!" I pulled back a little and looked in his eyes. I could see that he was telling the truth. I started to kiss him long and hard - not even thinking about underage anal videos whether or not he would welcome it after underage forced ******** I had swallowed his load of sperm. He didn't sweets little underage care. I had swallowed it all anyway, but he seemed to be trying to get it all back with his own tongue. He kissed me more deeply and with more feeling than I had ever been kissed by my wife in 12 years of marriage. It young underage girl seemed to last forever. By now I was about ready to shoot my load all over him. I had to cum soon. So we worked our way to the bed. I did not expect him to do anything in return. I felt this was probably his first time with another man. But underage naughty pics to my surprise, underage sex lesbian he rolled me on my back and started kissing down my neck, then my chest. He was doing very well, legal underage nudes if this was his first time. He played with my nipples, gently biting them and pulling them a little with his teeth. He licked all over my abs and belly button expertly, then went right to work on my cock. He knew what he was doing - for sure. He massaged my balls with one hand while sucking expertly on my cock. His other hand rubbed my chest and played with underage legal nonnude my nipples. He then let his hand run down and started fingering my ass hole gently. I spread my legs to underage dorki allow him in, and moaned with pleasure. I was very close to cumming. The last resistor in me broke down when he slipped a finger far into my ass and began to massage my prostate with it. Oh yeah, he had done this before. He knew exactly where to rub! For a kds child underage moment I was afraid of cumming into his mouth without warning, so I called out, "I'VE GOTTA CUM!!!" Even as I finished saying that, I started to shoot my wad. He could not have pulled off in time if he had needed to. But to my surprise, he worked all that much harder at sucking my 6 inch meat. He massaged my balls and milked my cock - knowing exactly how underage models petite to use both of his hands while sucking out all my milk. I shot again and again, underage gallery bbs feeling that my orgasm was never going to end, and knowing that it had never been as strong or as fulfilling in my life. I was feeding him shot after shot after shot of my hot love juice, unable to keep from yelling in pleasure, "AWWW!!! FUCK!!! YEAH!!!!!! FUCK!!! YEAH!!!!! GOD!!! SUCK ME!!!!!! OHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" After shooting the last of me into his mouth, I collapsed shaking on the bed, not an ounce of energy left in me. He slowly moved up next to me, smiling like he just got what he always wanted for Christmas. He was more beautiful to me then than at any other time, and I took him into my arms. I wanted sex porn underage to be with him forever, and pulled him close to kiss him with all my fire and passion. He surprised me once again, because he still had all my cum in his mouth, and as we kissed, it mingled among our tongues. No other load of mine that I had ever eaten tasted as sweet and delicious as that load that I took from his underage pussies gallery mouth. We passed my love cream back and forth with our tongues for what seemed underage porno brasil like an eternity before we both swallowed a share of it for ourselves. And afterward, we kept on exploring each others mouths, perhaps hopeful for yet another taste of the intimate love that we had just shared. We both passed out in each other's arms, fulfilled by each other like we had never before been fulfilled by anyone. But the best was still yet to come, as I learned when I was awakened by another expert blow job, and many more manly sexual delights with Tony, a few hours later.
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